51131-20108 3M FUTURO Open Toe H/K Lgth for Men and Women,71033OTHEN,M,Beige

FUTURO(TM) Open Toe H/K Lgth for Men and Women, 71033OTHEN, Medium, Beige
SKU: MMM5113120108
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer part number: 51131-20108
GTIN: 51131201088

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Firm compression helps relieve discomfort from chronic tired, achy legs, more pronounced varicose veins, and moderate ankle swelling. Open toe and heel design with smooth comfortable finishing. FUTURO(TM) Therapeutic Open Toe/Heel Knee Length stocking provides a wonderful, stimulating energy to empower you more every day! Some chronic leg symptoms can be challenging, but this therapeutic compression stocking can help you go above and beyond with a younger, healthier feeling!